Welcome to Visual Rhetoric and Design!!

By the end of this class you will have gained some level of competency in 2 dimensional design, photography, and computer art. We are going to learn a lot of new skills and acquire some new ways of seeing and understanding art, but, like any survey class, we are only getting a glimpse of larger world. We can’t cover everything, but hopefully this class can help you find something that you will want to learn more about through your own research.

At the very least you should come away from this class with a new way of talking about art–which will help you impress your friends and colleagues at those all-important cocktail parties. Among other things, we are going to cover basic art elements like line, value, color, movement, focal point, and eye flow. In addition to these elements of design we will also be learning “How Pictures Lie.”

We will, of course, also cover writing in the field of composition and rhetoric that argues for the importance of visual communication and composition in the field college writing and composition pedagogy. You will soon see that use of the visual in the English major can become quite the spirited debate.

In addition to the work of these scholars, we will also look at writing that explores, explains, and even attempts to define visual rhetoric, as well as writing from philosophers, rhetoricians, and theorists that examine the visual and the act of seeing.

Finally, you will be responsible for two final projects: an art portfolio and a final survey paper. Aside from those two finals, you will also be responsible for several smaller assignments–make sure you manage your time properly because procrastination will cause you no end to headaches. Please see the syllabus for more information.

Please click on About in the banner above for an explanation of this website and its importance to the class.

For an example of your first assignment, please click the What Not To Do tab.

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