Very well stated. Many atheists bother me because they don’t push the logic of atheism far enough to include all the ways that humans make Gods out of other people in positions of power or think magically under the guise of science or whatever, then elevate that thinking above all other ways of knowing without justification. How can one be atheist and remain paternalistic? Atheism is better understood as anarchy, a call to banish all Gods from the sky. The blog that I am reblogging here is really good at pointing out where atheism and anarchy meet.

Larval Subjects .

leviathanWhat does atheism mean to me?  It’s certainly not, in my view, a thesis about religion.  Figures like Dawkins and Hitchens are as bad as the theists I joust with.  It’s not even a thesis about the supernatural or the magical or the divine.  No, to me atheism is a thesis about masters.  It’s a rejection of all masters, whether they be divinities, kings, fathers, mothers, intellectual figures we fawn over; anything raised over the rest.  Atheism is the recognition that there is no being, divine or otherwise, that is deserving of the place of master or sovereign.  It’s a war against all fathers, and mothers as well, that would occupy the position of sovereign.  It’s a commitment to fraternity and sorority and other unheard of ways of relating to humans and nonhumans on a flat plane besides.  As a consequence, my Wiccan or Christian brothers, sisters, mammals, and animals…

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