Black blocs and contemporary “propaganda of the deed”

A very, very good understanding of propaganda of the deed and modern anarchism.

Philosophers for Change

by Jeff Shantz 

That anarchists should run afoul of the authorities is hardly surprising.  Indeed, anarchism has a long history of direct conflict with State institutions and their defenders.  Some of the most striking images from this history are the caricatures of black trenchcoat wearing “bomb throwers” who owe their fame to activities at the turn of the Twentieth Century.  Novels such as Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Agent and Frank Harris’ The Bomb have kept the character of the fanatic alive.  In the popular imagination the spectre of anarchy still conjures notions of terror, chaos, destruction and the collapse of civilization (Marshall, 1993).  Some contemporary anarchists choose as an element of style to play up this image, dressing entirely in black and printing “zines” with such titles as “The Blast”1 and “Agent 2771.”2

There is no surprise, of course, that rulers should so desire to construct anarchists as nihilistic…

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