Above hangs my self-aggrandizing blog logo. You will also design a logo for your WordPress site. Of course, you may choose to make something more humble. If a less ostentatious logo strikes your fancy, then by all means go for it. You may also choose to make a logo for something other than your blog. You may choose to design something for a business, a band, or a prank. Of course I encourage you to be creative. I only ask that if you choose to make a logo for the WordPress site (or your own website), that you make it match the rest of the site.

I chose fake wood paneling as the background for my site because it looks more like a 17 year-old’s bedroom and I wanted my logo to look a little like a band logo. I also liked that the top right corner of the picture curls up at the edge. This makes it look even more like a poster on the wall of a teenager….or possibly the wall of a middle-aged man who has trouble letting go.

The pixelated quality of the image stems from a happy accident. I made the image in Gimp and forgot the set the quality to 100% when I converted the image to a jpeg. I thought the poor quality lent itself to a Do It Yourself, punk reading. So I kept it.

Below are my attempts at a Band logo and a Prank, just to get you going–I am sure you can do much better.

I think the Prank needs some tiny dead cartoon cows, but that might be just me…

For more on Pranks, see the tab for Rhetorics of Irritation.

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