Pick one aspect of Comics Composition that Scott McCloud explains and create a comic that demonstrates that aspect.

As you can see, this example is pretty straight forward. You can take the assignment as literally as I did, or you can choose to be more creative.

I chose this aspect because I am on the verge of obsessed with our understanding of the nature of time. Its one of those topics that seems to be come less clear and yet more fascinating the more you think and read about it. McCloud points out something quite curious about time as it relates to Comics. He shows that in Comics time is display through the use of space. What’s funny about this is that the more you think about it, time and space are the same thing.

I also liked the body language available for the figures on Pixton. That little guy really looks mad, huh?

You don’t have to use Pixton, if you don’t want to. You can use any program you want. You can even draw your own if you’d like. These comic book programs are great, but there is still no substitute for drawing your own comic. And, contrary to popular belief, it is not actually necessary to have the ability to draw well in order to draw Comics.

You also don’t have to use humor.

If you are looking for some inspiration, check out Zot! online #3. It features a falling scene that is very visually stimulating.

And after that, you can check out some fun things that Scott McCloud invented, like 5 Card Nancy, a game where a player is dealt five panels of a reprinted Nancy comic and has to choose one, discard the rest, and choose another from a new hand of five. People have made some pretty good ones over the years. Including one that implies that Nancy is a drug dealer.


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