Final Design assignment – Collage

Big A Little a  

The final design assignment is a collage. A lot more goes into the creation of a good collage than one may initially think. For one, the collage must have unity in order to convey meaning or attract interest for very long. This can be very difficult. Also, a good design will use all or most of the design principles that we learned and discussed through out the semester. Pay particular attention to eye-flow. Most beginners think that a collage should look “thrown together” or “haphazard.” Resist this urge.  A good collage makes the viewer feel busy or exited–it doesn’t actually look busy. I used diagonal lines to give this collage energy. There are not really that many pieces to the work, only about 6.

The next most important element of design is focal point. Try to create a pattern that has a good focal point, but not an obvious one. An obvious focal point will take the viewer “out of the image” because once the viewer notices the focal point, there is no reason to stick around.

Compare the above image with this one.

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