Click on the image below to start the Prezi.

A note of warning: Prezi presentations take time to make, so start early. I think what makes composing Prezi presentations so hard lays in the fact that so many tools are available. There are so many options on the Prezi that one can easily get lost.

Again, unity is key. The easiest way to achieve unity in a Prezi stems from a good choice of color design. I chose to use 1970s colors (burnt orange and harvest gold) in honor of Ways of Seeing, which was published in the 70s. I also included a video for the original BBC television series which was produced because of the success of the book. If you are interested, you can find the full series on YouTube.

Another note of warning: Just as in a Power Point presentation, one should be careful not to use too many words. You can get away with using more words in a Prezi than you can in a Power Point, but you should still try to use very few words. This can be difficult for English majors. English majors have a hard time letting the images speak for themselves. Art majors have the opposite problem. Have you ever watched an Art major give an oral presentation?

I was both an English major and an Art major, so I got to be frustrated both ways.

Words and pictures work in largely the same way sometimes. I think Scott McCloud explains this best when he points out how closely Comics resemble poetry. His simile should serve as a helpful guide for English majors. Try to think about how pictures can rhyme.

Yes, I know its not necessary for a poem to rhyme, but its still helpful advise.

Just one more note of warning: Unless you want to try for another example of Rhetorics or Irritation, please resist the urge to over use the spin tool.

Please click on any of the images below for more information on the works of high art used in the Prezi.

       Click!       Click!       Click!

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